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Hollow Boasts

In a self-glorifying statement issued by Najib to anyone that would print or read it he made a series of claims that merit comment.

First he claimed that the “ties he had formed with China” had “brought huge investment that benefited the country” For country read Najib. The vast debt incurred, allegedly to fund an East Coast railway, in fact amounts to twice the sum needed for that project. The other half of the money was to allow him to pay off the debts incurred by him in stealing the funds of 1MDB.

Beijing may be many things but stupid and spendthrift it is not. The CPG knows that the railway, even if it is ever built, will never produce the profits needed to repay its cost twice over. What they were buying was not a fantasy railway but influence, if not, yet, total control over Malaysia.To cover his crimes of theft Najib was ready, and happy, to commit treason

On the heels of his remarks about China he had the temerity to claim that “Our sovereignty cannot be compromised” Having already sold it to Beijing he presumably felt free to tell this enormous lie.

Turning to his “lobby purchased” meeting with Trump he described it as an overwhelming success though without disclosing any benefits for Malaysia. On the contrary all the, phantasmagoric, benefits would go to the US. So the big winner was Trump who was happy to sell the reputation of US President for the “promise” of future US sales. The “overwhelming response” in the shape of DOJ arrest warrants for Najib and others is still to come.

Ending this farrago of nonsense Najib claimed that Malaysia had the support of the super powers, He named these as America. China and Saudi Arabia. The last presumably in a nod in return for not blowing up his lies about a “Saudi donor”  He had better avoid Moscow for a while. Putin likes to think of Russia as a superpower! Not to mention the UK with its, port bound, Navy.

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