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Praise Him!

What does it cost to have US President Trump praise one? Promise to buy, this year, next year, sometime, never, a ridiculous number of US made jets for which there is no passenger traffic nor any money to buy them.

Then go on to attack a former PM for, allegedly, paying lobbyists to get a meeting with the then US President. So admitting that this was the way that meetings between Malaysian politicians and the US President of the day are arranged. Everyone will be ready to believe that this is how Najib bought his meeting with Trump. They will also want to know where the fee can from? 1MDB?

As to the MYR50 billion that the new jets would cost, where will that come from? No American manufacturer will accept the word of a Malaysian politician that payment will be made. They will want to see the cash. So from where? Doubled GST?  Certainly not 1MDB, all of whose cash was stolen long ago by Najib and his co-thieves.

Another straw in the wind. Even the muzzled Press reported that Najib was “welcomed” back by a thousand people. Only a thousand. To welcome back the hero of the nation from Trumpland? No mention from Najib about his stopover in London. No 50 billion ringgit purchases from there? Just MYR sucked out by the long-term colonial exploiters.

Not even praise for a “strong anti-terrorist stance” or “not doing business with N.Korea”.  If allowing the murder of Kim’s brother in KL and permitting the escape of those responsible does not amount to “doing business” what does? What does the employment of N.Korean slave labour in Sarawak mines qualify as?

Prime Minister? Malaysians you should be ashamed to have a mega crook in that office!   Throw him out if and when he dares to call an election.

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