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How Low Can They Go?

The distance to the bottom remains a matter for speculation so far as the Malaysian government of mega thief Najib Razak is concerned. Certainly mega theft is Ok with them so long as they are doing it. Lawyers in cement barrels also seem to be acceptable and murderous members of the police force posted as bodyguards to the Prime Minister appear to have escaped punishment for the murder of Mongolian mistress Altantuya.

So we should not be surprised that the apparently odd existence of diplomatic relations and visa free travel between Malaysia and North Korea is due to money considerations. Malaysians close to Najib, including Sarawak Governor Taib ,have financial interests in coal mining in Sarawak. As conditions are such that no local labour would consider working in mines there the solution found was to import “workers” from N. Korea.

These unfortunates would do anything and go anywhere to escape the appalling conditions in which most N. Koreans live and so some of them did go to work in the coal mine in Sarawak in which ex Chief Minister Taib and other prominent BN supporting Sarawakians have an interest. For over 100 of them the gamble to seek slightly more tolerable living conditions failed when they perished in an accident in that mine.

No details of the accident or the reasons why it occurred have been made public, Indeed if there was an inquest at all the proceedings are hard to trace. Coal mining, an inherently dangerous business, was virtually unknown in Sarawak apart from some surface scratchings in the time of the Brooke Rajahs; when coal was an essential steamship fuel. So from where did the Taib regime obtain the necessary experienced managers and technicians to operate this mine? Or did they bother, slave labour being so readily and cheaply available?

So now the chickens have come home to roost. Not on the Taib tree from which the fruit has long since been garnered but on the Najib one with its roots deep in corruption and crime. While Malaysia’s police force, headed by the ludicrous and corrupt IGP, sit outside the N.Korean Embassy in KL Najib will do what he always does. Cook up a deal, perhaps with the aid of his new masters in Beijing, who are the only ones with any real influence over Pyongyang.

Whatever happens it will result in further shame for Malaysia and its citizens should take the next opportunity to remove Najib and accomplices from power to prison

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