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Nasty Vindictive Small Man (and wife)

The application by PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim to be allowed physical contact with his visitors was refused by a petty Judge who should know better and who was, very possibly hewing to the Najib line that every last humiliation be heaped on the man whose wrongful conviction for sodomy he procured by conspiracy and gross interference in the course of Justice.

Little more need be said about the lady judge who refused the application. It is those in political and judicial circles who conspired to make the terms of imprisonment as harsh as possible who are the most guilty.

Have any of them, Najib included, considered how this harshness might have a bearing on the long terms of imprisonment that await them all . Of course Najib will not be able to have visits from the hippo, who will be in a woman’s jail, nor from his step son in a different US prison. At that time they will all do well to remember the saying “the sauce for the goose is the sauce for the gander”

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