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Hypocrite and Coward

Malaysians who are honest and wish their country well will have been revolted by images in the Press showing arch criminal Najib and his criminal wife Rosmah at the KL hospital bedside of his victim Anwar Ibrahim.

This, as most Malaysian voters will realise, was a visit not from sympathy but from fear. As the whole sordid story of Najib’s thefts and other crimes, his blatant manipulation of the Courts. his open contempt for the Constitution has become public, un-denied and undeniable, his image and that of UMNO has stunk in the nostrils of most Malaysians.

Faced with the upcoming general election Najib has resorted to any tactic to try to make himself less unpopular and, even a little, respected. In the light of this his hospital visit to the man whose life and career he has tried to destroy by false accusations, crooked lawyers and Courts and innuendo is seen for what it is. An attempt to show himself in a better light. If, he hopes, his former electoral base see him behaving in a favourable light they may be less inclined to vote him out.

Dream on Najib. Your reputation as a mega thief,a man willing to do anything to cling on to power and fill your pockets and your wife’s jewel cases, is established beyond any possibility of repair. You are a thief, and worse. All Malaysia knows it and no amount of hospital visits or photoshoots can change that. Anwar is in prison now. Why not ask him about prison life; before you start to learn first hand.

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