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Pay Off "explained"

Answering in Parliament arch thief Najib “explained” why his former enforcer and informer and bully boy Khalid was put in charge of bus services. It was, he claimed, because of Khalid’s Integrity, Experience and Capability.

The Press reports on this answer do not say whether this reply was received, as it ought to have been with derision. So let’s examine it in more detail.  First integrity. A somewhat surprising quality to attribute to a person who, being part of an investigation team into Najib’s criminality, ran privately to him to warn that the AG was applying for a warrant of arrest for Najib himself. The rest of the story is too well known to need relating. But integrity. A faithless copper breaking the law to help a mega crook to stay out of jail! Some integrity.

Experience. It cannot be denied that Khalid has experience. But in what. Certainly not bus service operation. Perversion of justice. Yes. Breach of duty, faith and confidentiality. Yes. Kennel experience as a pet running dog. Yes. No need to elaborate.

Capability. He certainly made the PDRM the object of public contempt and distrust while IGP.

He managed, at arms length, an arms licensing business while in post. He did everything, and more. to cover up the criminality of Najib and associates. He lied his head off wherever and whenever necessary to protect his political boss, arch thief Najib. Does that make him capable of running a bus business?

In fact, of course, he will have nothing do with the bus business.Others will do the work, he will draw the benefits. Will that keep his tongue silent? Not after GE14,which will see him where his “talents” actually lead him. Jail.

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