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Impossible Insult

A Malaysian lady is to face trial next month on a charge of “insulting PM Najib”. Far from being tried she should be receiving nation-wide plaudits for having achieved the impossible. Just how does anyone insult a mega crook like Najib who has stolen billions, destroyed Malaysia’s international image and turned the country into a fascist dictatorship.? The list of his misdeeds is too long to set out in detail but he is clearly the worst criminal Malaysia has ever produced.

So how do you insult him? Call him honest and law abiding? The fact that this unfortunate lady finds herself in Court facing this ridiculous charge is as a result of Najib having forced through a piece of repressive legislation of which Hitler and Goebbels could be proud. Among other things it appears to make rude remarks, through true in every particular, about Najib a criminal offence. And Malaysia is supposed to be a democracy!

There is only one kind f country where criticism of politicians is a criminal offence and that is a dictatorship. Whether of the loony kind like N. Korea or the bullyboy kind like Zimbabwe is immaterial. It is totally undemocratic. Najib obviously realises this since he is now busy selling Malaysia to one of the world’s most prominent dictatorships, the Peoples’ Republic of China.

It would be idle to suggest that the legal authorities in Malaysia should put an immediate stop to this absurd prosecution. Who are the legal authorities? In effect Najib toady and defender AG Apandi. Yes, he who declared Najib innocent while holding up papers proving Najib’s massive thefts of public funds! No hope of sensible action there.

However there are other Powers that have an interest in preserving true democracy in Malaysia and they also have the levers to compel Najib to behave. Will they?

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