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Absurd and Absolutely False

Najib’s own words when accused of selling off Malaysia to Beijing. Everyone knows that Najib is a total stranger to the truth (on every subject) so his statement quoted above can be taken to mean that he HAS sold off Malaysia.

Not from any pro-communist ideology but simply because he had to find money to cover up his personal thefts from 1MDB and other Malaysian taxpayer funded entities. It is interesting that his latest protestations coincide with the release of news, concealed until now, that he also signed a deal with China to buy four naval vessels.

We have yet to see the small print from this deal but it is sure to give the PRC navy access to Malaysian navy bases, personnel and, probably, some measure of control over Malaysian naval activities. That, of course, borders on treason but what is treason to the nation’s mega thief? Just one more charge on a sheet already almost too long to read.

In fact Najib HAS sold off Malaysia, and to the home country of those who, for years, sought to take power in Malaya by armed force. Had they succeeded then Malaysia would, at least, have been spared the mega crimes of Najib but at the cost of minority community domination on a permanent basis. How would that play in the kampongs; on which Najib relies for a majority.

Once again Malaysia’s crook in chief has given a public demonstration of why no one should believe a word he says. Any more than a Court will believe him when he claims that he did not steal billions of public money!

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