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In Another World?

The question Is simple enough. Is 2nd. Finance Minister Johari living in another world or is he just another crook like his First Finance Minister Najib Razak? It has to be one or the other based on his recent statements, in Parliament and elsewhere, about 1MDB.

Does he really think the Auditor General’s Report on 1MDB is a secret? Does he not know that its full text has been available to any Malaysian both in English and Bahasa for months? Is he unaware that his boss has been breaking the law by blocking the publication of that Report; which is prescribed by the Constitution?

Does he think that the full extent of Najib’s crimes in connection with 1MDB, as listed in the US Department of Justice indictment, are unknown to Malaysians? Does he think that MO1 is other than Najib; a fact publicly admitted by one of his Cabinet colleagues?

Does he really think that UMNO can get a majority in the next election? They only just did that in 2013 after much cheating and then 1MDB was still Najib’s secret. Now everyone knows! He should therefore think carefully and now.

Does he want to follow Najib and many others to permanent residence in prison or is it now time to jump ship? The bribes may be attractive but they are being paid with stolen money which will be taken back. So where is the profit in that? A question that all Najib’s other crooked Ministers and criminal associates should be asking themselves right now.

If you are really content to be seen as a criminal moron then just carry on. The reputation is yours and will last for life. Or recant now and save your own skin. Choose.

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