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I Spy

Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan has announced that Malaysia “does not have enough spies” He did not go on to explain why this is so nor did he disclose details of how much taxpayers money is spent each year on what he himself described as an inadequate security service. Too secret one is to suppose?

If in fact Malaysian internal and external security services are undermanned and inadequate whose fault is that? Are these services not under the control of Nur Jazlan’s own Ministry? Has the boss(es) been sacked for failing to provide adequate services? One can imagine the fury being felt in certain so so secret offices at this bumbling criticism. Or perhaps not? Is the ministerial criticism justified? And if so why has it only just been noticed? And how will it be rectified to ensure the safety of Malaysians from foreign threats? These are questions that his fellow Parliamentarians could and should put to this “Minister”

Of course the rot does not start or stop at the security services. The whole government is corrupt, led as it is by the biggest crook in Malaysian history and, possibly, world history, MO1 Najib Razak. When a country gets into that state of chaos and criminality anything is possible. Including murdering foreigners openly at the national airport. What price security there? Don’t waste time asking top cop Khalid. If he knew, which is unlikely, he would not be able to explain. Too busy toadying to Najib and aiding and abetting Najib’s crimes.

So, as the responsible Minister admits, foreign spies have a free pass into and in Malaysia. Just as well that Malaysia no longer has any secrets to hide or any ability to counter espionage. Nur Jazlan says so!

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