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Interfering Statement?

Like a puffed up bullfrog, which he curiously resembles, IGP Khalid was busy yesterday blowing his own trumpet. Any statement from him, he announced to anyone who would listen, could upset the Government’s plan about the murder of N.Korean dictator’s half brother, on Malaysian soil.

If Putrajaya has a plan, apart from how to rob more public money for its private pockets, why would a minor police official like Khalid be party to it, or even know of its existence? His job, which he is failing to do, is to find who was involved in this murder, apart from the two women,and build a case against them.

Far better that he should get on with that, for which the public pay him, than wasting time making public statements about matters that do not concern him in any way. That won’t happen of course. He has a vested interest in keeping mega crook Najib out of jail, where he would, and will, follow him.


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