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Smoke and Mirrors

Arch thief Najib’s latest gimmick, designed to draw attention away from his and UMNO’s mega thefts from 1 MDB and other public money, is to pretend that his air force “clandestinely” rescued Malaysians from N.Korea!

What a joke! Did he really think that Malaysians would believe that a poorly disguised RMAF flight could land in N.Korea, embark trapped Malaysians and leave again without the communist nation’s spy and police services knowing about it? Tell that to the fairies!

The truth of the matter, only half admitted to at the Malaysian end, was that these Malaysians were swapped for the corpse of Kim Jong Un by agreement between the Korean dictator and Najib. Korea murdered Kim and wanted the body back for two reasons. First to remove evidence from Malaysian jurisdiction and so make any trial of the murderers more difficult and second to confirm to the paranoid Kims that their half-brother was really dead. A family dedicated to violence and deceit would only believe the evidence of their own eyes.

So, once again, Najib exposes Malaysia to ridicule by involving it in a sordid deal and then pretending that an heroic rescue had been successfully mounted. Liar, Liar, Liar!

The only unanswered question about this whole sham is whether Najib got a bribe out of it in his usual manner.

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