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Its only money!

In what may well qualify as the most fatuous remark of the year by an UMNO politician one Inche Tajuddin is reported as dismissing the 1MDB affair with the quoted remark above.

Possibly Tajuddin, like many of his UMNO colleagues, has had so much stolen public money from arch thief Najib that he can afford to make such a stupid and cynical public statement. Stolen public money. Those are the three operative words which sum up the whole 1MDB scandal and also those other mega thefts (SRC etc.) committed by Najib.

Tajuddin might as well have gone the whole way and said “its only stolen public money” but that might have spoiled his links to and support from thief Najib. At the very least what are voters to make of a man who stands for election to public office and can say in public “its only money”?

Of course he is not alone in taking this view of other people’s tax money. He, like all UMNO bosses, thinks that public money is there for the taking. Unsurprising, since their party chief Najib has stolen billions of the stuff. And hands out what is necessary to keep the Tajuddins of this world silent about his crimes.

In a feeble attempt to justify the mega thefts Tajuddin claimed that heavy financial losses had been incurred when Dr. Mahathir was Prime Minister. No details given of course. That would involve work and thought, two abilities which Tajuddin clearly lacks. But even if he was correct he makes no difference between financial loss from failed policies and much greater loss of public funds from the criminal actions of his boss and benefactor Najib Razak.

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