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Politics of fear!

In his latest public statement Prime Minister Najib claimed that his party would not “engage in the politics of fear” Really? Why then did he pass legislation through which, unconstitutionally, he can lock up anyone he wishes without benefit of trial and, if he pleases, have them killed without enquiry. Altantuya ring any bells Najis?

The truth of the matter is that Najib and UMNO have done nothing but employ fear tactics since his mega thieving became public. And before when, with the aid of corrupt judges, he arranged for his main political opponent to be falsely imprisoned. And that at a cost of only 9 million ringgit drawn from his personal bank account.

To date he has not explained that payment nor the huge number of other payments from the same bank account. Let alone where the account was fed from. No one but an illiterate and amateur criminal would ty to explain away his crimes in such a fantastic and incredible manner.

The fact remains that he is still in office because of corrupt Judges, corrupt police officers, a corrupt, and exceptionally stupid, Attorney General and corrupt UMNO members of Parliament. To say nothing of successive Heads of State who have failed to use their constitutional power to allow the electorate to remove him .

His actions since becoming Prime Minister have been open insults to the Malaysian people as a whole in addition to his personal victims; individuals injured, imprisoned or murdered. Politics of fear! He has never employed anything else and never will. As always a mega liar as well as a mega thief.

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