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Joke or otherwise.

Press reports referring to the “visit” of mega thief Najib to Bahrain state that he will be awarded a Bahraini decoration of some sort.

The reports do not say what he is supposed to have done to earn it. How could they?

For outstanding international thefts? For encouraging the misuse of cement barrels?

Or just for breathing?

Of course it is not unusual for Royal headed States to offer national decorations to visiting politicians. Even the UK decorated such as Rumanian dictator Ceaucescu. No one in Britain, and possibly no one in Bahrain, saw any merit in awarding such decorations. It is just something that Monarchs do as other politician Heads of State kiss babies.

But still it does have some significance and it is this. That Bahrain has not yet got the message from neighbouring Saudi Arabia; that crooked politicians get locked up and beggared. It will.

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