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Deputy Minister Nur Jazlan publicly attacked former Prime Minister Mahathir for returning Selangor state decorations to the Ruler. It was not, he claimed, the way Malays should behave.

Quite what his authority was for this statement on adat he did not say. His personal opinion perhaps? Is there written record of any such adat or did he invent it for the purpose of attacking a political opponent?

For that is precisely what is behind this impertinent attack on a personality vastly his senior not just in age but in political experience. Dr.Mahathir represents a real and personal threat to the criminal clique now in place in Putrajaya and the latter are clearly frightened that he will oust them in GE 14.

It is not adat that worries Jazlan. It is unemployment and possible loss of personal liberty; along with his arch crook boss Najib.

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