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Joke Police

Malaysians who pay taxes in part to fund the cost of the PDRM and its farcical boss Khalid will be interested to learn that a keen watch is being kept at the country’s borders to arrest two, unnamed, N.Koreans suspected of involvement in the Kim murder at KL’s airport.

They will be less impressed to learn that of an alleged eight persons involved four left Malaysia the day after the murder (while Khalid and co were still sleeping), one is covered by diplomatic immunity and another remains un arrested although a warrant for his arrest exists. In that last case the failure to catch him is a further reflection on PDRM incompetence.

So Khalid is left with the two females whom, it is alleged, sprayed or wiped VX on Kim’s face so causing his death. That, of course, remains to be proved, even in Malaysia’s corrupt and defective legal and policing systems.

The real question is whether those who briefed the accused women and supplied the VX (not something that any stray assassin has access to) are those now allegedly sought for arrest. Obviously the source of the VX can only have been one of those governments that produce and stockpile mass poisons; of which N. Korea is one. Equally, given the deadly nature of VX, it can only have been transported into Malaysia through diplomatic immunity.

In the face of all that it is not difficult to believe the two women involved when, as reported, they claim that they thought that they were taking part in a practical joke. After all who would carry round a deadly mass poison capable of causing instant death as a “practical joke”?   The terms drug mule and stupid money hungry women come at once to mind.

Have the PDRM and Khalid thought about all or any of this or are they content to let yet another murder be fobbed off on patsies? Floozies and Corporals. Barrel fillers and bodyguards. Who cares about them so long as the top men once again get away with it?

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