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Justice Malaysian Style

In Malaysia the Prime Minister is a mega crook.  His supporters in UMNO, fed by his bribes and other handouts, look the other way when PROOF of his crimes is made public. His lapdog the Attorney General even showed in public, and of which a record exists, proof of massive thefts by Najib while bleating that the Prime Minister was totally innocent!  His thug dog, the IGP, provides the muscle that protects him from the course of justice. In short a classic Zimbabwean situation.

What does the outside world do about all this? Answer. Nothing. Reason? For the US, Najib has signed up to the TPP which grants the US all the profits that can be made from the Malaysian economy and keeps the PRC out of the equation. For the UK it allows the economic strangehold, built up in colonial times and kept in place since Inependence by bribes of one sort or another, to continue in place.

For other Asian countries?  Well how many of them have the democratic system of government that Malaysia enjoyed before the Najib dictatorship? And who among them are not either US or UK clients?

So the message to Malaysians has to be.  Its broke and only you can fix it . Or would you rather wait until Najib has stolen not only all the money but the furniture and everything else movable?  Until there will be nothing more in the shops, but rice and salt fish, because there is no foreign exchange to stock them?   Because that is what is coming.  A mega thief never stops stealing while there is still something to steal; especially when pushed by a dominant partner with an insatiable appetite for wealth.

So. Down the drain or down with Najib. You choose.

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