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The Really Unforgivable

Arch thief Najib Razak long ago passed the point where Malaysians from all communities could forgive his criminal behaviour and his attempts to destroy Malaysian democracy. But now he is threatening to pass from a money criminal to a communal criminal. That , for Malaysia, is a critical step.  Bankruptcy is one thing.  A disgraceful and painful thing but it can be overcome and the responsible parties suitably punished,

But inter communal violence is another thing altogether.  It destroys not just the financial fabric of the nation but its integrity altogether.  Najib has come close to opening this gate of terror wth his Red Shirts and incendiary language in relgious affairs. Now it seems he wants to go down the communal road from which turning back is nearly impossible.

Like Father like Son.  In the face of intractable problems the communal card appears attractive. Other communities. not the bumiputera, threaten Malay dominance is the rallying cry.  Forget about my thieving and my attempts to destroy democracy and see me as the protector and saviour of the Malays.

Let’s begin with the most prominent Chinese Malaysian in the political field. There is where the danger lies. The towkay class long ago learned that the best protection they can have for their assets is to pay off me and the rest of UMNO.  In return they are allowed to get on with making money. And if much of that comes from the pockets of the bumiputera the latter probably wont notice.

So, to politics. The most damaging way to attack a political leader is to show his personal  dishonesty so lets rig up a case against one of the Chinese leaders. It may be ironical that I am doing exactly the same thing of which I am accusing a Chinese Malaysian leader of the Opposition i.e. theft and corruption.  But if I bang the communal drum hard enough that can be obscured.

Is there nothing to which I will not descend to try to keep my stolen billions and the job which protects me from a life in jail?  It seems that the answer is nothing, even if, as a result, blood runs in the streets of our towns and cities.

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