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Justice Must Be Done

The election is over. The people have spoken in an unmistakable form. Enough of the criminal BN and its collaborators. A clear and definite message and one that no politician can afford to ignore. There may no longer be a guillotine but criminal politicians like Najib and his family and his ex-Ministers and his toady civil servants, all face arrest, prosecution and in most cases prison along with their paymaster Najib.

There can be no two ways about that. Malaysia has been mis-ruled for years by a gang of criminals led by Najib and his doxy Rosmah and these, all of them, must now face appropriate punishment. A start can be made by removing AG Apandi from his chambers to a remand cell and letting prosecutors get on with their jobs. The PDRM, whether headed by the current IGP or, preferably, by someone not tagged as a Najib running dog must turn all its attention and efforts to investigation of nine years of criminal activity by Najib and all his accomplices. If not enough prison accommodation is available more must be constructed urgently.

The new PM and his new Attorney General must review the Court structure. The two top judges are in office illegally and must be removed. The record shows that many judges still in office have acted improperly and that must be investigated and the guilty ones removed.

The Service Commissions have acted as willing catspaws for Najib and new members should replace existing ones.

The Election Commission is a stinking scandal and should be replaced in toto with criminal investigations opened into its  activities in support of mega criminal Najib

The Registrar of Societies has acted improperly to assist Najib and should be dismissed forthwith.

In short there are Augean Stables in every aspect of official and political life in Malaysia and a very powerful current must sweep  them clean. THAT is what Malaysians voted for. That is what they expect and are entitled to expect and the new Government should do whatever is necessary to clean house and return Malaysia to being a clean democracy.

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