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Too Old To Be So Foolish

Virtually the only public voice supporting arch thief Najib is 8o plus Ku Nan, who says that Najib has done a good job.

If he meant the amount of public money that Najib has stolen or the number of opponents who have “disappeared”, explosively or just in barrels, he could have a point. It is interesting that virtually no other BN personality has been recorded praising Najib.

Why not? Can it be that they have finally noticed what all other Malaysians have long since realised? That Najib is a mega criminal and that by keeping him at the head of BN they have committed political suicide?

Only a few more days to go and their worst fears will come true.Then we will see a rush. Some for the door, hoping to get out of being prosecuted, but the majority saying that they knew all along that Najib was a mega crook but feared he would do an Altantuya on them if they spoke out.

It won’t make any difference.

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