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Loose mouthpiece?

Rahman Dahlan, who some time ago named arch crook Najib as being identical with the DOJ’s Malaysian Official 1, has now taken a step further by indicating that the pink diamond lady is Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor.

Not really an earth shattering revelation. Even a school child could work that out. Does that say something about Rahman?

But it is all rather odd. While nearly all Najib’s puppet ministers are busy claiming that the DOJ are fantasizing and that no money was stolen from 1MDB here we have one of the more prominent ones admitting by implication that all the DOJ say is true.

How else would the wife of a salaried politician without family money acquire diamonds worth such huge sums? Given to her by admirers star struck by her personal beauty? Or as a gift from a fat juvenile Malaysian mega thief named Jho Low for getting her stupid husband to understand how easy it is to steal public money in Malaysia?

Whatever, the mystery remains. Why is Rahman bad-mouthing his boss and the latter’s doxy? Does he not know what happens to those who cross Najib? Does he think the Malaysian armed forces have run out of high explosive or the criminal classes out of used cement barrels? He had better be careful what he says and where he goes!

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