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Fake Emergency.

Former Prime Minister Dt. Mahathir has expressed worries that when, rather than if, BN lose in GE14 they will, led by then former PM Najib, declare an emergency and use this to nullify the election result with “frogs”.

This overlooks the fact that when the election results are declared and the Opposition have secured a majority Najib is no longer Prime Minister nor his ministers ministers. They would have no power to declare anything so any such moves would have to depend on the use of force by the PDRM and the Armed Forces. Khalid would try but how many would follow his orders in such gross illegality?

The really important message in the former PM’s statement is that democracy in Malaysia is in danger. And it is! Sixty years plus of one party rule have weakened the institutions of democracy to near collapse.

Politics is wholly corrupted as are many politicians. Malaysians must understand that the next election represents their only chance of saving democracy and avoiding permanent dictatorship by corrupt criminals. That is the real message behind Dr. Mahathir’s warning.

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