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Loyar Burok 2

A ten paragraph attack on the US Department of Justice, reputedly attributed to Malaysian Attorney General Apandi has surfaced in Malaysia.  Normally anything emanating from this semi- literate shyster would be consigned unread to the waste paper basket or the shredder. But the sheer stupidity of this document calls for comment.

His para.1. The DOJ is totally confident that its expose of 1MDB criminal malpractice is founded on provable facts.

His para.2. If 1MDB has such documents why not publish them? Or even produce them to the Auditor General?  Does even Apandi think that saying something makes it so? Without any evidence?

His para.3. If there are Saudi documents why not get Saudi permission to publish them?

His para.4.  Too childish to merit comment.

His para.5.  Irrelevant.

His para.6.  No complaint was ever filed with the DOJ who investigated the matter as a series of   offences against US laws.

His para.7. See para.4 above.

His para.8.  Why deny what never happened?

His para.9.  Insulting and irrelevant to the DOJ investigation.

His para. 10.. A standard protocol internationally employed in such matters . Apandi too ignorant to be aware of this?

0 out of 100. Failed

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