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Najib In India?

Why?  India is not a Muslim country. Its worst enemy is neighbouring Muslim Pakistan. So again. Why?

What India does have is a huge, thriving gold market. Indian ladies love gold to to wear and to have. Much the same as fat Rosmah loves diamonds.

Coincidentally both gold and diamonds have an use other than display and that is portable wealth. And gold beats out diamonds in that its value is fixed.  Whereas diamonds are worth precisely what a buyer says they are.  And if that buyer knows the seller is distressed, as Najib and Rosie will be that value will plummet.

As an international master crook Najib is surely aware of these simple market facts. And a big jet can carry a really big load of gold!  And, best of all, India is one of the rare markets where the ringgit can, at a price, be turned into real money spendable everywhere. QED?

Whatever safe haven he is seeking will charge a high price for admission and it will be payable in cash and in advance! More reasons to go shopping in the taxpayers’ jet.

Any comment, Najis?

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