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This description, originally coined about the poet Byron, applies with even greater force to the dictator Najib in Malaysia.

Take it part by part. Mad. Who but a lunatic would steal billions of taxpayers’ money with the help of a retarded overweight Chinese crook and expect to get away with it? If he thought that the theft would pass unnoticed he really is mad.

Moving on; bad. Of that there is ample proof. Quite apart from his criminal activities, well known to all his compatriots, he is a truly bad man. No lie, no act of spite, no criminal action is too low for Najib. He revels in his life of crime. Again, mad, and bad

Dangerous to know? Ask Altantuya, ask Pascal Najadi’s father, ask Mr Bala, ask Kevin Morais. You can’t, of course. They were all murdered. And the common factor. They knew Najib and what he was up to. Other political enemies too dangerous or difficult to murder? There is always a corrupt judiciary to come to his aid. Anwar a danger? Get a fat boy to frame him, a crooked lawyer to demand life and compliant courts to overturn acquittal. Political problem solved.

Yes. Very dangerous to know, as are all unhinged megalomaniacs. Fortunately it will not take a world war to get rid of him, as it did to get rid of Hitler. The Malaysian people can do it tomorrow. Why wait until he has totally destroyed the country?

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