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Wise Words From A Malay Ruler

The Sultan of Perak is reported as having criticised corruption and other financial crime ïn high places.” His Highness need not have been so circumspect in his criticism. All Malaysia knows that this was a reference to Prime Minister Najib and his corrupt supporters in UMNO

The Ruler went on, correctly, to say that corruption would destroy any nation; as indeed history demonstrates. Only criminal fools like Najib can believe otherwise.

Without wishing to appear grudging it has to be said that the remedy for this problem lies with the Rulers themselves who could agree that the one of their number currently in office as Agong should use his constitutional power to dissolve Parliament.

In an election thus forced on him, and on corrupt UMNO, Najib would have no hope of an honest victory and would again resort to cheating as in GE13. Then, however, the people of Malaysia did not know what kind of a criminal was asking for their support. The Malay community, in particular, was not aware that UMNO, long the party for them, had been subverted and captured by a mega criminal intent on continuing his mega thefts of public funds. A brief look at Najib’s frequent UMNO purges makes all clear.

Had they known then what they know now the criminal Najib would never have had the opportunity to loot the country as he has done. It is time to clean house and the Rulers are in a position to allow the electorate to do just that. They should hesitate no longer.

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