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Malaysia's North Korean Links

These, it seems, are not limited to allowing this secretive dictatorship to organise murders on Malaysian soil. They also extend to a clandestine arms smuggling business. Malaysia’s IGP ought to be well informed about this seeing the close links between himself and the sale of arms in Malaysia, controlled by one of his relatives, with the licensing in his own hands.

It also appears that North Korea has been smuggling large sums in US currency through a KL airport. The last such detected incident involved US450,000. And here is where it gets interesting. Those caught trying to smuggle this were not prosecuted. The money was not seized and, hardly a surprise, the Attorney General found “insufficient evidence “ to prosecute. The money was there, the smugglers were there, the offence was there, but blind Apandi could not find evidence! Maybe he was too busy “clearing “Najib at the time to scrutinise this blatant breach of Malaysian law?

What happened to the money? Well it, or perhaps some of it, was passed to the N.Korean Embassy and the smugglers were allowed to go scot free. All this is so far from normal criminal practice that Malaysia’s inbuilt corruption must have been involved. Maybe now that this matter is public the MACC can take a look at it?

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