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Men At Work

Press reports indicate that the MACC have been active in Johor arresting some officials and seizing luxury vehicles. Good for them. It is heartening to see this very expensive arm of Government earning some of its keep.

How much better it would be if they acted against the corrupt regime led by arch criminal Najib Razak. It cannot be that they don’t know what is and has been happening. It is only necessary to read the report of the Auditor General on 1MDB to know that the Prime Minister is a criminal worthy of investigation by MACC.

But nothing happens. So it is time, and past time, for the MACC to announce that its charter has been amended by granting immunity to some corrupt criminals and listing them by name. Do MACC officials fear that doing this will make them lose their jobs or find themselves in jail without trial? Or in a cement barrel perhaps?

It is a well- established principle that when a public servant is prevented from doing his or her job that they should resign and say, in public, why. MACC officials are as well aware of this as anyone else so why do they not do so? Is it simple lack of courage, or worse?

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