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Malaysia's Vibrant Democracy

The were the words, believe it or not, chosen by mega thief Najib Razak to describe the country on the eve of taking his begging bowl to Washington. Not for money. He has no need of that having stolen billions of Malaysia’s public funds. What he seeks there is absolution for his crimes committed on US soil.

Why? So that he can proclaim through his captive home media that he has been “absolved” from all guilt for crimes committed in the States by himself, his criminal wife and his criminal stepson. Not much to ask an US President, he seems to think in return for a promise not to get in bed with Beijing.

Unfortunately he is already under the Chinese mosquito net and Najib promises have a habit of turning out not to be worth the breath used for making them. But back to vibrant democracy. What kind of democracy has laws, introduced by Najib himself, to allow imprisonment without trial? What democracy has Courts headed by judges appointed in defiance if its Constitution? What country has an Attorney General so stupid or criminal or both to “clear” Najib while holding up to public view documents proving that Najib is a mega thief?

What country confiscates passports from those who oppose the government. Wha country has a Prime Minister who is a proven mega thief? One could go on and on but what is the point. Malaysia is a dictatorship headed by a mega criminal and it is a pity that the US should even allow a man who it describes officially as a mega thief to cross its borders let alone meet with its President.


Let us be clear. Malaysia, far from still being the democracy it was before the arch criminal got has hands on it in a crooked election. It is a dictatorship, albeit one so badly managed by incompetent and criminal politicians that it can pretend to be a democracy and reap the advantages of that status.

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