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Royal Myopia


In a message to the people of Malaysia the Yang di Pertuan Agong heaped praise, even indirectly, but in a way that no one could miss, on arch criminal Najib and his gang. Saying that Malaysia was fortunate to be peaceful and happy unlike its neighbours he implied that not only is all well in Malaysia but that it is well governed by arch crook Najib and his co-criminals.

Possibly that is how the King really sees the country of which he is the titular head. If so he should look more closely. Has he read the Auditor General’s Report on 1MDB? Has he read the reports issued by the US Department of Justice on 1MDB? If so he has clearly not understood them.

Something else he would do well to re-read is the Malaysian Constitution. It mentions him quite a lot; including giving him the power to dissolve Parliament if needed, which it clearly is. And the power to dismiss the Attorney General; which is clearly necessary as the latter has publicly proved his unfitness for that office.

These powers are not in the Constitution as elaborate jokes. They are there so that the King can call time on illegality and allow the electorate, the real supreme power in the country, to decide who is to govern and who is to go to jail.

If a Head of State wants to be taken seriously and not be regarded as just the dummy of a criminal administration he must demonstrate that by action; not mealy mouthed praise.

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