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Monitoring Democracy

In a long winded series of statements about GE14 Foreign Minister Anifah Aman stated that Malaysia would not allow any external monitoring of GE14.  Malaysians alone would perform that task!

What is he worried about? Some foreign observer might see the usual electoral abuses which are standard for BN. Bribes at the polling booths. Cash handouts ad lib to potential voters and a whole string of the electoral bribes that BN always resort to.

Why worry about that sort of thing when worry was not a concern in previous faked elections?  Short answer. This time Malaysian voters KNOW that BN is crooked. That the BN Prime Minster is a mega thief, and of their own money too. That Malaysia is on the verge of being turned into a kleptocratic dictatorship and Najib needs, or thinks he needs, the apparent approval of the electorate for that to happen.

As Foreign Minister Anifah should be especially aware about Malaysia’s current reputation as a kleptocracy of which, as a principal Minister, he risks being seen as a beneficiary. Not a reputation that most would want but does he care? It seems not.

His official activities will not escape scrutiny after PH win so he would do well to prepare for that rather than making bellicose statements about electoral management.

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