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Thug Politics

No one should be surprised by the reaction of the UMNO management to the action brought against it by some if its members. Instead of waiting to see how the Court proceedings went the UMNO management summarily expelled all those concerned from the party. Thug behaviour by thug politicians, furious that their illegal and despicable conduct should be publicly questioned in Court.

But then that is UMNO all over. The Party motto is “Do as we say, not as we do. The top UMNO crooks certainly do not want to have to share any of their stolen gains with party members. The real position inside UMNO was made publicly clear when it refused to hold elections for its central committee earlier this year. Arch criminal Najib taking no chances that his party, sickened by his criminal behaviour, might vote him and his supporters off the Committee altogether in an attempt to clean up the image before GE14.

How long before UMNO moves from meaningless expulsions to cement barrels, following recent example? Breathe out. UMNO will be out of existence before its crooked leaders can get round to that.

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