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More Constitutional Questions

Since it has become evident since the election that the whole constitutional position in Malaysia is due, perhaps overdue, for review and possible amendment it may be useful to summarise the present position.

What is clear is that successive Agongs, including the present one, have done Najib’s bidding when they were neither obliged by law to do so and also by acting in a manner not sanctioned by the Constitution. That is undeniable fact; however distasteful some may find it. Nor can it be overlooked since what was done was done voluntarily, even if encouraged by covert threat.

Now that Malaysia has returned to the rule of law it is essential that all parties conform precisely to their constitutional roles; at least until Parliament, the supreme authority, has had an opportunity to consider whether, and if so what, constitutional reform is necessary.

Najib, the criminal par excellence, may be expected to seek support where he can in order to stave off well deserved life imprisonment. Anyone approached to assist to that end should be aware that it is not only Najib’s head that is on the block but, potentially, theirs also.

Malaysia has, for many years past, been the fiefdom of corrupt, dishonest and criminal political leaders. That is now over and all should recognise and accept that fact. The people are back in control and they will insist on justice being done, reform implemented where necessary, and democracy respected. That is the twenty first century standard and there can be no going back. Only necessary reform to permit progress as a democratic nation.

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