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'Sedition and Criminal Intimidation'

This is description given publicly by IGP Fuzi to press reports of monarchical extravagance. Investigation papers have been opened, he thunders. Does he think arch criminal Najib is still Prime Minister and that BN are still in power? That question has to be asked when the head of the Police Force makes such statements and actions.

Were it not for his relative astuteness on election night in noticing that BN had lost and publicly refusing to intervene to overturn the result he would probably have already gone on leave prior to retirement. By making this latest statement he demonstrates that such a departure remains in the public interest.

A policeman who thinks that any criticism of senior personalities is seditious is clearly so poorly informed as to be unsuitable for any police role at all.

As for intimidation does he seriously suggest that the Agong has been put in fear by the publication of some of his official expenses?

The PDRM is undoubtedly in a mess after the long rule of Khalid Abu Bakar Najib’s arch protector. Nothing less than a profound survey of the Force, of all that it does and who is or is not fit to hold senior rank in it will do to satisfy the public that the PDRM is a modern, honest and reliable guardian of the public peace. Egregious public stupidity simply will not do.

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