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My Party Right Or Wrong?

This is the question that all Malaysian Malays must ask themselves. When it was just a matter of rumour or gossip any Malay UMNO supporter was justified in dismissing talk of Party corruption as rumour or black propaganda.

That is not something they could or would do if a fellow Malay was convicted in Court of, say, theft. That person would have put himself outside his own community by bringing shame and obloquy on it

So far so good. Such behaviour of the community in general is acceptable in a democratic society. But what about the present situation where a Malay Prime Minister has been PROVED to have stolen billions of public money. Where he has ousted any UMNO member who questioned his activities, leaving himself surrounded by a small group of lickspittles and fellow criminals. What then?

Is it still alright to support him? To vote for him and by doing so to attach your own personal honour and reputation to that of a mega criminal? For that is exactly what you would be doing. And, worse, you would be breaking up the racial harmony that has enabled Malaysia, and yourselves, to prosper. The older among you will recall the pre-independence years when the country was torn apart by communal strife, murder and war. Do you want to go back to that?

Because, make no mistake, that is what will happen. Do not expect to support a criminal clique headed by a mega criminal and go on living in peace and tranquillity. That just wont happen. Either the law will take its course, judge the accused and punish the guilty or the people will do it themselves. Either Malaysia is a nation of cowards controlled by thieves or it is a civilised society governed by the rule of law. It cannot be both. Think about it.

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