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Najadi Urges Malaysian Income Tax Revolt

Malaysians and indeed the entire world have observed the initiated lawsuit by the American DoJ against several 1MDB & the Malaysian Government Official1. The MalaysianOffficial1 has been mentioned more than 30 times in this document produced by the American DoJ. Us all, all Malaysians and all other citizens of various nations around the globe had to learn through this report that 1MDB has wasted billions of USD, repeat billions USD, on luxury investments, gambling and partying bills etc. All of this has nothing to do with the welfare of the Malaysian Nation and her citizens. What would you do if your private banker uses your hard earned savings in a Casino, alcohol, girls and golden Rolexes? You fire him or her! Then you take away his or her mandate to manage your money. You then call the Police for a Criminal complaint.
Consequently, if the above makes sense to the readers here, the Malaysian Sovereign composed of the Malaysian Citizens should freeze the income tax payment to the Malaysian Government at once. Why? Because the Citizens of Malaysia have been defrauded by their Government according to the report, civil suit filed by the American DoJ. Their hard earned tax money paid by them has been stolen for private enrichment of MalaysianOfficial1, his relatives, 1MDB Officials, Mr. Jho Low, Petro Saudi, Prince Turki et al.
In short, dear Malaysian Citizens, please take on your option, your call, to stop paying taxes to your government and its leader that refuses to be accountable to you for the money spent against the laws. If you do not do this, then you and our grandchildren will remain oppressed and enslaved by a, in my opinion, criminal government with zero social competence of any sorts.
The choice is entirely yours. Your call for a better Malaysia will be heard and observed by the entire world. We, who lost lives, our loved ones too in Malaysia, wish for you to take peacefully control over Malaysia, your land that is afforded a constitution. Please make use of the constitution. Hold your government, Ministry of Finance and Prime Ministry, fully accountable on your tax contributions and punish them in a court of law. Malaysia is the nation for all Malaysians regardless of race and belief.
It is now for Malaysians to collectively act and stop paying income taxes until full transparency and justice are served on the ones who abused the trust of Malaysian citizens through 1MDB chaired by Mr. Najib who happens to be Prime Minister of all Malaysians.
Act now, or never, stop paying income tax, force the rogue money machine, Ministry of Finance, to her knees and your control as it is your nation, your right.
Pascal Najadi

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