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Najib Sues

Prime Minister Najib is presently threatening defamation actions against various Malaysian critics, including MP Tony Pua, for allegedly accusing him of theft of public money.

Readers of the Malaysian Press printing such reports could be forgiven for thinking that they were dreaming. Defamation is an attack on reputation and to sue someone for that you need to have a reputation to lose in the first place. This applies equally to Rosmah who is reported to be a co-plaintiff.

Najib’s “reputation” as an arch thief is well known to all Malaysians but is not something to sue over! In any country with impartial professional courts of Justice and trained lawyers no one would represent Najib in such actions. Indeed in such a country he would long ago have been sent to jail for mega theft and Rosmah along with him.

So the fact that he seems able to sue in Malaysia says what about Malaysia’s Courts in particular and the rule of law, criminal and civil, in Malaysia generally? Not much one is forced to conclude. Najib’s criminal guilt was publicly displayed by his joke Attorney General. That official’s predecessor had approved applying for a warrant for Najib’s arrest before being turned, illegally, out of office overnight and replaced by the puppet Apandi.

Despite all this Najib still has the brass neck to sue for defamation! And it seems likely that his Courts will allow him to do so and give judgment for him whatever evidence is given about his criminal actions. If indeed any such evidence is allowed to be given. No nonsense about juries in Malaysia! Too costly to buy so easier just to abolish them!

The sad fact of the matter is that there is no law in Malaysia. Simply the edicts of a criminal lunatic whom no one, it appears, has the courage to defy. Do the  people really want to follow Najib down the drain to total disaster? Time will tell.

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