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Arch thief Najib recently named these factors as vital to success in the next general election. As he was less than explicit in detailing how they would be applied let us try to help him.

Determination. To do what? Bribe voters? Gerrymander constituencies? Stuff ballot boxes. Bribe opposition winners to defect to losing UMNO? Find a safe haven to run to when he loses. As he will!

Teamwork. Odd coming from one whose team stays with him only so long as he pays their current bribe money. Teams cost, as any football club manager knows. How much of his stolen money will he be prepared to spend on his “team”? OK if he wins as he can then make up his spending by stealing more public money. But if he loses? How much left to fund the fat lady’s lifestyle in exile? Assuming any country would have them. It seems doubtful if the “Arab Sheik” will pay up next time.

Appropriate strategies. Delightfully vague and open to any interpretation. So let’s try. Imprisoning opposition personalities without trial? Or if that does not work just doing a Moraes or Altantuya on them? Breaking up political meetings of the opposition using his thug police, headed by his criminal associate Khalid? Playing the religious card? Difficult for one who has so publicly broken all the rules laid down in the Koran. Bribery of course. That goes without saying. For the rest we will have to wait and see if there are any or if he will just rely on bribery, intimidation and serial lying; as in past elections.

If there is anything inaccurate or unfair in this analysis it is open to Najib to say so and explain. Don’t hold your breath waiting.

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