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Naked Liar Exposed

Having, together with accomplice, and smarter half Jho Low, stolen billions from 1MDB Najib has the bare impudence to go on claiming that 1MDB was repaid the money it received from the original 2009 theft (with interest)!

Naturally he does not, and cannot, offer any proof of this and if he re-reads the Report of his own Auditor General he will see that 1MDB has been systematically robbed. By, guess who? Himself and his fellow criminals.

Now we see that PetroSaudi used the stolen 1MDB money to drill for oil in Venezuela and, true to type, then tried, by fraud, to extract 130 million dollars from the Venezuelan Government. A British Court found that PetroSaudi had acted fraudulently. We have to ask ourselves whether the company knows any other manner of doing business? Not in London anyway where it has gone out of business: failing to file its accounts as required by UK law.

PetroSaudi also operates in Switzerland (as SR demonstrates photographically) and it seems to be time for the relevant Swiss authorities to start enquiries if they have not already done so. Swiss national Xavier Justo, recently released from false imprisonment in Thailand could no doubt supply details.

At the same time the UK police authorities should be, and may well be, seeking the fake Scotland Yard officer, Paul Finnegan, who was hired by PetroSaudi to persuade M.Justo to admit to a crime he had not committed.

All in all a series of field days for the investigators in both countries, and not before time!

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