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Cosying up to China

Arch thief Najib having sold out his country to Beijing it is logical that some of his running dogs should try to expand the new sale of Malaysia to China. Even if that may be a hard sell in the kampongs and with new UMNO ally PAS.

In any case, hard on the heels of Najib’s visit, in which he sold out Malaysia in return for money with which he hopes to bury the 1MDB scandals, his running dog, Deputy PM Zahidi will soon make a six day visit to the PRC. Announcing this the Putrajaya propaganda machine released some details.

After some boilerplate waffle about “continuing the momentum of Najib’s recent visit” it is made clear that the visit will actually be to the organs of State security in China. Zahid’s host, and overseer while he is in China, will be the “Public Security Minister” Guo Shengkung.

Laughably it is claimed that they will discuss “security issues of international crime”. Well Comrade Guo certainly picked on the right person to instruct him in that subject. Zahid’s boss and protector Najib is nothing if not an international criminal. The security issues may turn around the question of how international criminals can seek to avoid the consequences of their crimes. The need for education in that is publicly underscored by the incompetence with which Najib and his helpers have so far conducted their thefts of public money; to say nothing of their failed attempts to stifle public knowledge of these crimes.

Other matters to be discussed are stated to include anti-terrorism. Since terrorism in the PRC is the almost exclusive province of the government there the duo may be able to share some moments though the Malaysian side will have little if anything to contribute. They will also discuss the “Regional Digital Counter Messaging Centre” stated to exist in Malaysia. There can be little doubt that China has massive expertise in the field of communications interception but whether Malaysia has either the skills or the personnel to benefit is doubtful.

Finally, according to KL, there will be a meeting with the Department of Public Security and Prison Administrative Bureau. No doubt Zahid hopes to pick up some tips there on how to run a repressive prison regime. In addition, of course, to the various “entertainments” provided to visitors whom Beijing wishes to please and which, for the moment, includes the UMNO gang.

All in all a blatant waste of Malaysian public money and, at the same time, proof that Beijing now has the leash to the collar around Malaysia’s neck. Quite an achievement to buy a Muslim majority state so easily and cheaply. Beijing must be wishing that it could do the same as easily with its far western Muslim rebels.

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