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Nazi Najib

Furious at his failure to suppress the Bersih demonstration and at the failure of his personal Gestapo, headed by Malaysia’s own Himmler, IGP Khalid, to get blood running in the streets of KL, Malaysia’s Fuhrer, Najib Razak, has resorted to the coward’s route.

The Bersih leader Maria Chin who, with her supporters, once again proved that a dictator cannot suppress the will of the people, is the target of his petty vindictive revenge; or is it Rosmah’s?

In any case he has ordered that she be locked in a windowless cell with twenty-four hour lighting and not permitted to see a lawyer. This last, presumably because, even in his Malaysia, no lawyer would accept a client being so treated in such circumstances.

No lawyer that is apart from loyar burok Apandi who will no doubt do what he can to prevent this matter coming before a Court, where it would certainly be thrown out. The charge evoked by Najib? Terrorism! Well she has certainly frightened him and the fat cow but how that can be terrorism he will find it impossible to persuade any Judge.

Maybe he will have to make Apandi a judge again but who would appear in such a Court? Time to run for it Najis; if you have anywhere to go. If not just take a one way trip to Sg. Buloh. They already have your reservations.

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