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Goebbels Is Alive And Living In K

All those who believed that Nazi propaganda chef Josef G died at the end of WW2 were astonished to learn that while his body may be dead his legacy lives on in Najib’s Malaysia.

Facts, it seems, do not matter. It is a fact that a former UMNO personality described the Attorney General in unflattering terms. How could he not? Apandi has given so many public proofs of his unsuitability to hold any public office or even to remain a member of the Malaysian Bar. He is a cheat, a liar and, worst of all, a nincompoop whose proper role in life, if any, would seem to be an emptier of jambans.

Apandi could, of course, sue. But he has not and he dare not so he has to take the fascist route of absurd and totally undemocratic legislation to try to silence his local critics. Has he failed to realise that future generations will see him as Malaysia’s Judas Iscariot?

How can someone who has publicly, at a Press conference called by himself to “clear his criminal master Najib Razak, hold up to be photographed documents PROVING that Najib is a thief. Why is he still AG after that PR disaster? Because he is the sole person in Malaysia who can be relied upon by Najib not to approve warrants for his arrest. The last AG wanted to and look what happened to him.

Everyone knows that Malaysia is now a dictatorship, possibly the most fatuous one in the world, but nevertheless a dictatorship. Among those least able to pretend not to know this is the British Government. They have an expensive High Commission in KL. They are supported by the merchantariat in London that has sucked the blood of Malaysia over two centuries. They dump, whenever they can, outdated arms in Malaysia knowing that such “purchases” are for show and to feed Malaysian corruption. Of course they know.

Yet, while preaching democracy and respect for the wishes of the people on every platform they can find, they keep eyes firmly closed to the mountain of evidence that Najib is a mega thief and a tin pot dictator. Is that the message that the May government wish to convey to the world? It certainly looks that way.

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