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No Appetite

The quoted response of PAS guru Hadi when asked about the suggestion by PH personality Mukhriz for a merger of Malay based political parties. Hadi is reported as saying also that PAS would continue to formalise its links with UMNO.

That really says it all about PAS. A party claiming to be guided by the principles of Islam admits publicly that it prefers to work with a party whose leadership are facing trial for multiple criminal offences than with any other. How does that fit with Islamic principles and doctrine, which certainly do not condone criminal conduct?

It has to be supposed that PAS prefer to stick with the party, and its totally discredited leader Najib, that funded part of its GE14 election campaign. Though how they can be stupid enough to believe that further financial manna, stolen from taxpayers, can fall into their bank accounts passes comprehension.

There would appear to be two possible explanations for the PAS attitude.First they do not at all like the prospect of a rival Malay only party competing for votes. Second that they already enjoy financial advantages which enable them to reject the merger offer. IF that is so when will they explain their party AND personal finances?  Surely they must know that Islam does not approve of criminal financial conduct?

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