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A Faulty Judgement

The offer by PH, or an integral part of it, to PAS to join it seems to be based not on any political grounds but simply as a communal gesture designed to add to the advantages already enjoyed by the Malaysian Malay community. To base one’s political future, and policy,on a purely racial and communal basis is to look backwards to the past and not forwards to the future.

Unprejudiced observers will readily see that Malaysia can only proceed to a more prosperous future for all its citizens if there is common consent to work to that end without seeking personal or communal advantage from the accident of birth as opposed to hard, honest work. To suggest that privilege can be restricted to any one community or set of individuals is to negate the principles
of democracy which underpin the Malaysian State and those who advocate that do neither themselves nor their community credit.

In this particular instance an offer seems to be tendered towards PAS, a party which founds  all its policies and actions on a religious basis not shared outside its communal roots, and not, in many cases, within them either. At the same time its leaders, while preaching moral standards for all, themselves take private advantage whenever it is on offer. As witness their total failure to explain the sources of wealth which have enabled many of them to acquire temporal advantages (cars, houses and so on) while preaching Muslim morality.

That all good men and women should strive together to better the society in which they Iive is undeniable. To suggest that that can come about through communal, racial or other similar conditions is not merely fanciful . It is just wrong

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