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No more postponements

This from the “Chief Justice” While a wish to move the judicial process forward as rapidly as possible is a praiseworthy objective it would perhaps come better from a more authoritative source

It might be thought that such a statement from a Chief Justice would be appropriate. And, of course, it could be if it did. However the fact that Chief Justice Raus holds that office illegally, in contravention of the Constitution and with the connivance, for whatever motive, of arch criminal Najib Razak puts a different complexion on the matter.

As he will be aware there are proceedings pending in his own Court to declare that he is in office unconstitutionally, and therefore illegally. Should these succeed, as they ought to if any attention is still paid to Malaysia’s Constitution, everything that this CJ has done since his appointment was, unconstitutionally, extended will be null and void.

In such circumstances a prudent Judge would do better to adhere to the maxim “Silence is golden”, rather than “it’s so if I say so” He might also consider staying off the Bench while the constitutionality of his presence there is tested by the Court over which he presides. And the payment of his salary and perquisites is looked into.

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