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Another acquittal appeal?

Former Minister Zaid Ibrahim was acquitted when tried for the absurd charge that he insulted arch criminal Najib Razak in a blog post. As if it was possible to insult such a mega criminal!

The Court ruled that since Najib had not been called to give evidence that he felt insulted there was no case against Zaid. Quite correct and refreshing to hear of a Court that clearly understands the law and applies it.

Why did not the “insulted” Najib appear to give evidence? Because he did not dare to. His “reputation” could not withstand even five minutes cross examination and he is determined never to go into the witness box. It will be interesting if that holds when, after GE14, he is tried for all his mega crimes.

Meanwhile there is already talk of an appeal against Zaid’s acquittal. The Malaysian justice system has already covered itself in shame by the abuse of acquittals overturned in its higher Courts. An acquittal is definitive. The accused is found not guilty of whatever he is charged with. End of story, except perhaps getting a more competent investigator and prosecutor for future cases. But not in vindictive Najib’s Malaysia with its kangaroo courts and pliable judiciary.

Let Malaysians see whether their corrupt government goes ahead with such an appeal

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