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No Offence Disclosed


This mantra of the Attorney General’s office is regularly used when inconvenient criminal behaviour by UMNO leaders comes to notice and the Police send an investigation paper to the office of the AG for instructions about prosecuting.

Once the magic words have been written in the IP and signed off by the AG there is an end to whatever crimes are shown in it to have been committed. So very convenient!

Now the formula is brought into play by Deputy PM Zahid in the context of the 1MDB series of mega thefts. But, as Home Minister, he really ought to tidy up his desk. He has clearly forgotten to bring in legislation to amend a Penal Code now shown to be out of date and containing offences that do not exist (according to him and puppet AG Apandi).

So amend the law now. No more cheating, no more criminal breach of trust, no more theft. no more criminal misappropriation and so on. That will legalise arch thief Najib’s mega thefts etc. Provided that the amendment is made to take effect from the date Najib became PM!
All that done attention can be turned to eliminating murder from the Code. With equal back dating.

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