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Deputy PM Zahid announced that Malaysia has asked Interpol to locate and arrange the arrest of Jho Low!

Can this be true?. Does arch thief Najib really want his accomplice and criminal tutor to be returned to Malaysia? Why? To stand beside him in the dock on a whole raft of criminal charges?

Anyone interested can check the Interpol Red List to see if Jho’s name is there. Or is Zahid simply lying to instructions from his boss Najib?

Suppose for one moment that Jho were to be returned to Malaysia. Would he get past KL airport without a poisoned embrace? Even if he did would he be arrested and on what charge?

No police officer with more than ten minutes service would find that a difficult question to answer so perhaps IGP Fuzi will tell us what he has ordered his men to do should Jho appear at the airport.

Or is this just another of the endless lies told to Parliament by UMNO ministers over the years? No prizes offered for guessing the answer.

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