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None So Blind

As those who WILL not see. And that certainly includes the current British government and its  big business supporters. Having held a public conference to decry corruption it, within days,  allowed a visit by the man who is possibly the most corrupt major criminal in the world today; Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak This man has stolen at least $7 billion dollars from his own people  as his own Auditor General has reported, while his own Attorney General finds “no offence”

All these facts are matters of public record and the British government cannot gainsay them even if it wanted to. So it has done the next best thing and pretended that they have not happened!  Why?  Regrettaby when it comes to “business” no hands are too dirty to shake. British commercial interests in Malaysia, dating back to the days of colonial domination, are very considerable and are, no doubt coincidentally, in the hands of Tory party supporters. These, taken along with the desire to sell the Malaysians arms which they are incapable of using and for which they have no conceivable need, seem to have been enough to  get Whitehall to look the other way.

So, unless the British government can provide a convincing explanation as to why it is all right to receive and deal with criminals we have to conclude that they are in fact accessories, and that is the reason for their lack of action. Comment would be appreciated.

Various actors in this drama have resorted to threats of civil actions for libel. These threats, though they may have delayed publicity, are empty ones. Honest men, described as Najib and his UK associates have been described, would long ago have issued writs They have not. Why? Because they know perfectly well that the potential plaintiffs are criminals who could not survive the briefest cross examination in Court.

While on that subject it is legitimate to enquire why it costs more to issue proceedings in the High Court than many Britons earn in a year? The feeble excuse that “justice should pay for itself” is an insult to all Britons . What nonsense. Of all things in a free democratic society access to justice is a basic right not to be stifled by pretended economies.  If the operation of the law is too expensive the answer is to modernise it not to go on making it too expensive for all but the rich to access.


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